By How We Used To Live, the local history group for Emery Down and surrounding hamlets.


The phone record for the Silver Street Post Office (1931 British Phone Book):

Pardey, B, Grcr, PO Emery Down ……………… Lyndhurst 163

“Not many people had telephones my childhood, the school only got one in the 1950s.  In case of emergencies families would ask in the shop for permission to use the phone in the red phone box. The shop would connect the phone line and you went across Silver Street to make your call.”

Gill Legge, Bertie and Alice Pardey’s granddaughter, as told to How We Used To Live.
Postcard ©️Neil Scotting’s Collection

Post Offices

Emery Down had three Post Offices at one time:

  • Church Cottages – opposite the church.
  • Camp Hill Cottage – on the main road towards Minstead.
  • Silver Street – opposite the red Phone Box.
  • Post Office:
    • A post office is listed in Kelly’s Directory (1885) but a sub-postmaster is not named.
    • Tom Bishop, Post Office (in 1889).
    • Mrs Jane Marshall, named as Sub-postmistress (1898).
    • Bertie Pardey, Sub-postmaster (1911, 1920 and 1939 register).
Frank in use from 31 December 1885 to 27 August 1914
(image from document in Christopher Tower New Forest Reference Library at the New Forest Heritage Centre).

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