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…. to the telephone box in Emery Down. This historic icon is a feature of the Lyndhurst Parish walk, a 13.5km trail that takes in Lyndhurst village centre, Bolton’s Bench and the Forest. When walkers get to Silver Street in Emery Down (SO43 7DX) they can stop at this much-loved landmark and learn about the area’s history, borrow a book, buy some vegetables and give their dog some water.

What people say

“The red telephone box is not just a British icon but a landscape icon. It is something we all identify with but is becoming more and more rare, so it is fantastic to keep something like this in the National Park landscape.

Alison Barnes, Chief Executive, New Forest National Park Authority

“If you are visiting the New Forest, perhaps stuck in a traffic jam take a break, step aside, and find the phone box in Silver Street – and praise the community spirit that made it happen, because I do!”

“When I heard one could buy a Gilbert Scott Jubilee kiosk for the princely sum of one pound I knew we had to do it. The community got behind the project – worked incredibly hard and donated their time – to reinvent our red phone box.”

Peter Power, local resident